Solicitor Permits

Per section 854. 03 of the Monroe Codified Ordinances, no person shall engage in the business or activity of peddling or soliciting within the City of Monroe without first obtaining a license.  Click here for full text of Chapter 854.

Prior to issuing a temporary license to solicitors, the City attempts to screen the persons requesting a permit. The issuance of a permit is not a product endorsement by the City of Monroe. Please keep in mind that just because a person has a license from the City, you do not have to permit them in your home, or purchase their product. If a license has been issued, the person soliciting must be able to provide you with proof that a license has been issued and be wearing an id badge provided to them by the City. All permits expire one year after the issue date.

If you experience "high pressure sales," an abusive salesperson, or a solicitor who makes you uncomfortable, we encourage you to contact the Monroe Police Department at 513-539-9234.

If you would like to solicit door to door in the City of Monroe, please apply by filling out the Solicitor's Permit (PDF), or get an application from the Receptionist located in the Administration Building located at 233 South Main Street, Monroe, Ohio 45050. 

For more information about the solicitor permit process, contact Michelle Payne at 513.360.2208.

Solicitor Forms