Leaf Pickup


Removal of leaves from curbs and gutters prevents clogging of catch basins, stormwater mains and streams, which can cause flooding during rain and snow events. Furthermore, the decay of this vegetation within the stormwater network can cause unpleasant odors, provide habitat for unwanted pests, and cause damage to stormwater assets. If you live in a neighborhood that has curbs, gutters, and catchbasins, and mulching or composting leaves is not an option for your property, Monroe is happy to assist with leaf removal in the autumn months. 

  • Leaves that are combined with grass clippings will not be collected.
  • Leaves should be raked in piles along the curb line no more than six feet from the curb line, but not in the street or blocking storm water inlets.
  • Leaves must be raked to the curb no later than 7:00 am on Monday of your scheduled week.
  • Leaves raked after this time may not be picked up until the next scheduled week, if any.
  • You may see the Street Department in your area during a time when it is not scheduled. As time permits, we will be going through nonscheduled areas in an effort to keep up with the falling leaves.
  • There will be no leaf pickup the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Any leaves gathered after your scheduled week, will not be collected. Leaves must be bagged and put out with your garbage for Rumpke to pick up.

Use the interactive map below to view your scheduled pickup dates, or scroll down to view the schedule by list of streets.

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 513-727-8953.


American Way, Austin Smith Drive, Backtrail Lane, Belmont Lane, Bernard, Bluegrass Lane, Bobtail Way, Boyd Avenue, Breaden Drive, Bridle Creek Drive, Bridle Pass Way, Buggy Whip Court, Carson Road, Cart Path Way, Church Street, Coachside Court, Conova Drive, Courtland Drive, Creek Court, Creekside Court, Davis Drive, Dobbin Court, Douglas Avenue, East Arielle Court, East, Elm Street, Ethel Drive, Femcliff Court, Fieldstone Court, Foalrun Court, Forest View Court, Furlong Lane, Gallaher Road, Gorman Court, Hamilton-Lebanon Road (east of Heritage Green Drive), Helsinger Drive, Hiteshue Avenue, Hocking Meadow Circle, Jonah Court, Joy Drive, Keeneland Court, Kenwood Court, Keswick Drive, Leah Court, Lebanon Street, Lee Court, Lee Drive, Lee Price Avenue, Lena Drive, Lewitt Court, Linn Court, Lynette Court, Macready Avenue, Main Street (south of State Route 63), Mason Avenue, Meadowlands Drive, Meeker Lane, Moder Drive, Obenour Court, Ohio Avenue, Old Sreet, Old Carriage Court, Old Orchard Lane, Paddock Lane, Pleasant Court, Rachel Lane, Randy Lane, Raymond Drive, Redfox Court, Ridge Point Drive, Ridgeview Lane, Rustic Court, Sackett Drive, Saddle Lane, Sands Avenue (south of State Route 63), Scott Alan Drive, Shady Court, Sleepy Hollow Drive, Stablewatch Court, Steeplechase Lane, Stewart Way, Stillpass Way, Stonemill Court, Sunset Court, Tann-O-Shanter Way, Timrick Place, Trails End Drive, Trotter Lane, Turf View Court, Vista Court, Walden Court, West Arielle Court, William Groth Drive, Willowbrook Drive, Woodsdale Drive, Woodyard Drive, Wren Court, Wyandot Woods Boulevard, Wyndcrest Court and Wyndham Place.


Bedrock Drive, Britton Lane, Brittony Woods Drive, Brookhurst Drive, Canterbury Court, Chaney Court,  Cornerstone Drive, Deneen Avenue, Doverdale Drive, East Garver Road, Edgewood Drive, Fox Run Place, Hanford Lane, Heatherwood Court, Hickory Hill Court, Hidden Creek Drive, Highland Drive, Hunterbrook Court, Main Street (north of State Route 63), Nettleton Drive, Nightstar Court, North Garver Road, Overbrook Court, Parkview Court, Pebblestone Drive, Penbrooke Court, Ravenwood Court, Ridge Wood Drive, Ridgeway Court, Sands Avenue (north of State Route 63), Sandstone Court, Slate Branch Court, Tarryton Court, Todhunter Road, Wellington Court, Wexford Drive, Wicklow Lane, Winding Brook Lane, Winston Lane and Yankee Road.


Ambergreen Court, Amity Lane, Anne Road, Apple Knoll Lane, Apple Ridge Court, Babbling Brooke Drive, Bayberry Lane, Bendel Drive, Blue Springs Drive, Brandon Drive, Bridgewater Lane, Buckeye Drive, Carol Ann Lane, Cherry Mill Court, Churchill Manor Court, Crossings Boulevard, Dazey Drive, Debord Lane, Dorothy Lane, East Brooke Drive, Ella Court, Forest Pond Drive, Granny Smith Lane, Greenoval Drive, Griffin Lane, Hailey Lane, Hamilton-Lebanon Road (Old 63, west of Heritage Green Drive), Hamilton-Middletown Road, Hankins Road., Harbor Cove Court, Heritage Trail Drive, Hollybrook Drive, Hollytree Drive, Jerri Court, Kameron Drive, Kelsey Trail, Koehler Drive, Lakeview Drive, Lindy Drive, MacIntosh Lane, Meadowood Drive, Michelle Lane, Maya Court, Morgan Drive, Nicole Court, Niederlander Lane, Northbrook Lane, Oaklawn Drive, Riley Lane, Roden Park Drive, Ryan Court, Sagewood Court, Scarlet Oak Drive, Serena Way, Shanda Drive, Songbird Court, Sonya Court, Stone Ridge Lane, Sutton Brook Court, Tall Oaks Drive, Thomas Pointe Court, Trey Court, Twin Cove Drive, Valleybrook Drive, Winesap Lane, Woodcrest Drive, Woodgate Court, and Woodland Court.