2023 Legislation

An Ordinance is the formal written enactment of Council in the exercise of a governmental power vested by the Constitution or statutes in the Municipality for the regulation of the conduct of its citizens or others subject to its control, and intended to be of permanent duration. Every action of a general and permanent nature; or granting a franchise; or levying a tax; or appropriating money; or contracting an indebtedness, to be evidenced by the issuance of bonds or notes; or for the purchase lease, or transfer of public property; or establishing an offense and fixing the penalty therefor, shall be taken by ordinance.

Ordinance Number 2023-01 (PDF).  An Ordinance amending and supplementing Section 1203.05 of the Planning and Zoning Code to require a development agreement for major subdivisions, the recording of the development agreement with the final plat, and clarify when specific bonds are eligible for release.

Ordinance Number 2023-02 (PDF).  An Ordinance authorizing the City Manager to grant a temporary construction easement to Thorntons LLC for the relocation the City’s water and sewer line. 

Ordinance Number 2023-03 (PDF).  An Ordinance amending and supplementing Sections 286.08 and 286.09 of the Codified Ordinances to update the fees set forth therein. 

A Resolution is the formal written enactment of Council of a less permanent nature, not prescribing any permanent rules of conduct and usually required or applied to the preliminary declaration of legislative intent to be effectuated by the subsequent passage of an ordinance, or for the disposition of a specific matter not required by statute or Charter provisions to be done by ordinance.

Resolution Number 01-2023 (PDF).  A Resolution instructing the Director of Finance to request and advancement of taxes assessed and collected on behalf of the City of Monroe from the Auditors of Butler and Warren Counties.

Resolution Number 02-2023 (PDF).  A Resolution endorsing and ratifying the filing of a Community Development Block Grant Funding Application for an Americans with Disabilities Act Program.

Resolution Number 03-2023 (PDF).  A Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a professional engineering agreement by and between the City of Monroe and Jones-Warner Consultants, Inc. for the design of a twelve-inch water main along South Main Street from Carson Road to Mason Avenue.

Resolution Number 04-2023 (PDF).  A Resolution determining the bid submitted by Kendall Electric Group for 20 decorative streetlights to be the lowest and/or best bid and authorizing the City Manager to enter into an agreement for the purchase of said lights.

Resolution Number 05-2023 (PDF).  A Resolution expressing Council’s intent for the sale of personal property not needed for public use or is obsolete or unfit for the use for which it was acquired by internet auction.

Resolution Number 06-2023 (PDF).  A Resolution authorizing the City Manager to designee to apply for any and all grant funds; provided that acceptance of any grant funds, including matching funds, must specifically be approved by Council.  

Resolution Number 07-2023 (PDF).  A Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a contract by and between the City of Monroe and Pavement Management Group to perform a pavement condition rating.

Resolution Number 08-2023 (PDF).  A Resolution authorizing the City Manager to apply for, accept and enter into a Grant Agreement by and between the City of Monroe and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Division of Drinking and Ground Waters for an equipment grant to purchase equipment to monitor pressure in the City’s water system.  

Resolution Number 09-2023 (PDF).  A Resolution approving a Then-and-Now Certificate in the amount of $7,500.00 to Deep Fiber Consulting LLC for design services.