What is a "Payout”?

A payout is a minor misdemeanor that carries a fine that can be paid without making a court appearance. The fine is paid to the Violations Bureau of the court. If you choose to make a court appearance, the payout amount no longer applies. The Magistrate will determine the fine amount and court costs will be added to that amount. For more information, call 513-539-6201.

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1. What forms of payment are accepted?
2. What is a "Payout”?
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4. My citation is a payout, but I won't have the money to pay by the court date, what can I do?
5. When I appear in Court, I may not have enough money to pay the fine and court costs in full, what can I do?
6. I missed my Court date, what can I do?
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8. I did not have my proof of insurance with me at the time of the citation, what can I do?
9. I did not have valid insurance in effect at the time of the citation, what happens now?
10. What degrees of offenses can the Monroe Mayor's Court hear?