What is the street light utility assessment?

At its July 26, 2016 meeting, City Council approved a new street light utility charge to be billed on the customer’s monthly utility bill and eliminated the property tax assessment program for those same costs. The street light utility was put into place for residential and business properties to recover the cost of street lights. Annually, the City has levied those costs to each real estate parcel based on the frontage of an individual property. The street light utility was previously assessed on the property taxes and, after the meeting in 2016, was moved from the property tax bills to the monthly utility bills. 

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1. What is the street light utility assessment?
2. Why is the City utilizing a street light assessment?
3. Who is being assessed for the street lights?
4. How is the street light assessment calculated?
5. How long will the street light assessment last?
6. How am I charged for the street light assessment?
7. How does the street light assessment benefit me?