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Right-of-Way Permit


  1. 1. Right-of-Way & Street Opening Permit Information
  2. 2. Application
  3. 3. SIgnature
  4. 4. Office Use - Approval and Inspection Notes
  • Right-of-Way & Street Opening Permit Information

      • Complete the application and attach a sketch depicting the work to be completed. Dimensions of the trench/work area in the right-of-way are necessary and to be supplied by the Applicant. The permit shall be returned to the Department of Public Works and will be reviewed an d approved by the Director of Public Works.
      • All work performed under this permit shall be done at no cost to the City of Monroe.
      • The City of Monroe reserves the right to:
        • Order the removal, reconstruction, relocation, or repair of any work performed under a permit in the event of future work or for the benefit of the traveling public.
        • Correct or remove work, structures, materials, etcetera not in compliance with Monroe requirements. The part to whom the permit was issued shall reimburse the cost of the aforementioned improvements to the City of Monroe.
        • Provide Supplemental and Special Provisions when deemed necessary.
        • Revoke or annul any permit at any time for non-performance or non-compliance of the conditions as set forth in the application permit or the perm it.
      • All work shall be in accordance with the State of Ohio Department of Transportation Construction and Materials Specifications, Supplemental and Special Provisions, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Utilities Manual and the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
      • The City of Monroe assumes no responsibility or liability for the work completed under this permit. The City of Monroe also assumes no maintenance responsibility for any of the items installed under this permit.
      • Pavement over trench shall be saw - cut on a line parallel to and 18 inches beyond each edge of the trench. All trenches within the paved area must be backfilled with ODOT 613, Low Strength Mortar Backfill to the bottom of the existing asphalt section. The asphalt shall be replaced in kind. All other backfill material must be granular in nature and approved by the Director of Public Works or his representative.
      • Backfill shall be placed in lifts not to exceed 6 inches loose measurement and shall be uniform in nature. Each course shall be tho roughly compacted by use of a mechanical compactor or by an alternate method approved by the Director of Public Works or his representative. Granular backfill is to be compacted within 10 feet of the existing surface.
      • 304 granular material (B-19) may be used for temporary surface only when approved by the Director of Public Works. Pavement restoration must be completed within 30 days of the opening.
      • The Director of Public Works must be notified and an inspector must be present for pavement restoration to be acceptable.
      • When opening pavement at least one lane of traffic must be maintained at all times. No road shall be closed to traffic without written permission from the City of Monroe.
      • Where necessary, traffic control devices as outlined by the Ohio Manual o f Uniform Traffic Control Devices shall be used.
      • After approval of the bond, the Public Works department will accept payment of the $25 (Residential) or $50 (Commercial) permit fee and issue the permit. Notify the Department of Public Works at 513-727-8953 prior to any work and request any inspections necessary. A minimum 24-hour notice is required.