Utility Services

The charges on your utility bill may include all of these services or some of these services, depending on the location of your property:

  • 1WATER - this charge is for metered water usage.
  • 2WATERFL - this is the flat, minimum charge for water service.
  • 3SEWER - this charge is for sewer usage.   
  • 4SEWERFL - this is the flat, minimum charge for sewer service.
  • 5TRASH - this charge is for curbside trash collection.
  • 6STRMWTR - this charge is for the drainage and treatment of storm water.
  • 7STLIGHTS - this charge is for maintaining the streetlights throughout the City.
  • 9METERREPL - this is the meter replacement fee, which covers the cost to replace the water meter and maintenance of the meter reading equipment.
  • FIREPR -  this charge is for fire protection, which includes fire lines and private hydrants (billed to commercial accounts only.)

Explore the links on the left for more detailed information about each service, or click here to view the current rates for each service.