Stormwater Projects

Preventative Maintenance Initiatives

The City of Monroe Public Works Department recently launched a citywide asset inventory and condition assessment of its stormwater network. This includes inspections of catch basins, manholes and outfalls to both identify where maintenance is needed and to begin long-term preventative maintenance programs to help these assets last longer. These inspections, many of which are required by law, ensure that Monroe is aware of impacts to its stormwater system before small problems become big ones and help the city determine replacement priority for capital improvement planning.

Other preventative maintenance activities include regular street sweeping throughout the warmer months and leaf pickup in the fall. These activities help to prevent trash and other debris from polluting or impeding flow in Monroe's stormwater network and help keep sediment out of the Great Miami River and its tributaries. 

2023 Capital Improvement Projects

The City of Monroe Engineering department began advertisement of three stormwater related projects on Friday, April 14, 2023. These three projects will be bid on at one time and awarded to one contractor. Each project was designed separately, but we are combining them together due to the proximity of each project to the others. 

Project 1:  Catch Basin Rehabilitation Program in Brittany Heights. This work will take place on N. Sands Ave., Heatherwood Ct., Ravenwood Ct., Wexford Dr. and Wexford Way. All existing catch basins on these streets will be replaced. 

Project 2:  This project is the replacement of existing storm pipe and catch basins on the south end of N. Sands Ave. The current pipe is an old, corrugated metal pipe and is rusted away.

Project 3:  This project is located at the intersection of Deneen Ave. and Britton Ln. and it consists of the replacement of existing corrugated metal pipe, two catch basins and one storm water manhole.  

2022 Capital Improvement Projects

Old Street Storm Rehabilitation: The Stormwater Department installed new storm sewer and catch basins on a section of Old Street. This project included the installation of two new catch basins and 140 linear feet of 12-inch pipe. The installation of this storm water infrastructure helped collect stormwater run off from the alley between Old Street and East Ave. This also corrected a catch basin that did not provide sufficient drainage at the intersection of Old Street and Lebanon Street.

As part of its maintenance program, the Stormwater Department repaired or replaced nineteen (19) catch basins due to structure failure or raised the structure to grade and cleaned and re-graded almost 2,300 feet of ditches. The City also participated in the 2022 Great Miami River Cleanup, sending two employees and 14 volunteers to the event.

2021 Stormwater Regrade on OH632021 Capital Improvement Projects

Hamilton Lebanon Rd/SR 63 Regrade: The Stormwater Department cleaned and re-graded ditches and installed erosion protection along Hamilton Lebanon Road near Clark Blvd, Colonial Manor Subdivision, and between American Way and New Garver Rd. 

Rosemont Park Flood Prevention: In 2020, Monroe Public Works began installation of a large detention pond at Rosemont Park to address flooding issues. The project was completed in autumn 2021, and included 300 feet of drain pipe, seeding/sodding, planting of 15 trees, 90 tons of rock (called riprap, intended for stormwater best management practices) and native wildflower plantings. 

Lawton Avenue Box Culvert: As part of a larger roadway improvement project, a new box culvert was installed under Lawton Avenue to accommodate heavy vehicles and increased traffic and to widen the existing culvert to allow for higher stream volume. 

2020 Capital Improvement Projects

Overbrook and N Main St Storm Improvements 2020Hamilton Lebanon Rd/Heritage Green Drive Ditch Realignment: To improve outflow, the Public Works Department realigned the ditch at the intersection of SR 63 and Heritage Green Drive. Decorative rock was added for stormwater best management practices and to improve curb appeal .

Overbrook Drive and N Main Street Improvements: On the west side of N Main Street near Overbrook Drive, approximately 900 feet of perforated pipe was installed and the ditch line re-graded to allow for easier maintenance and mowing.