My utility bill is high. What does this mean?

Your utility bill is based on your consumption and meter size. If your bill is higher than past bills, check your consumption history in the Citzen Self Service section of the web site. If you are not already signed up you can sign up here.. The consumption listed here corresponds to the reading dates. If your consumption increases, your water bill will be higher. Since sewer charges are based on water consumption, sewer charges increase along with water charges.

Additionally, many customers have seasonal water usage patterns, and use more water during summer months than in winter months. This can be due to swimming pools, watering gardens, and also irrigating lawns. There is usually no problem with this type of consumption fluctuation.

If your usage increases, and you do not know of a reason, this may be indicating a leak in your house or on your line. Keep in mind that having extra house guests or a toddler that becomes toilet trained may increase your usage.

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