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Monroe Community Room

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Admission Fee

$100.00 per reservation - nonrefundable. No fee for service, civic, and/or non-profit organizations serving the Monroe area.

Max Occupancy 150


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Chairs
  3. Internet
  4. Microwave
  5. Parking
  6. Restrooms
  7. Screen and Projector
  8. Small Kitchen
  9. Small Refrigerator
  10. Tables
  11. Water

Five round (60 inch) tables and eight rectangle (72 x 30) tables.

The Monroe Community Room and Small Conference Room located at 6 East Avenue, rules and regulations: 

(a)    The Monroe Community Room and Small Conference Room are to be used primarily for local community organizations, but shall be available for private functions as well.
(b)    Activities are scheduled on a first come, first served basis with priority being given to organizations meeting on a regularly scheduled basis. Each organization wishing to meet on a weekly basis will notify the City at the start of each year. A new application must be completed.
(c)    All activities and reservations are subject to the approval of the City Manager or designee.
(d)    Only one reservation shall be made per calendar day, per room. This does not apply to City-related uses of the rooms.
(e)    Maximum capacity of the Monroe Community Room is 150 and the Small Conference Room is 20. It is suggested to reserve the room that best fits the size of your group/organization.
(f)    The City Manager may refuse use of the facility at his or her sole discretion if the proposed use is deemed to constitute disruptive force and/or a danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the public.
(g)    No alcoholic beverages, smoking, or firearms are permitted.
(h)    No function shall begin prior to 8:30 a.m. or run past 11:00 p.m.
(i)    All trash is to be put in trash bags and placed in the trash container outside the building. Replace bags in cans if they are thrown away. New bags are found in the bottom of the cans. Sweep floor, wipe off tabletops, and clean kitchen if used. The room must be neatly organized. If the room is continuously left unclean, there will be a charge for cleaning.
(j)    Special permission must be obtained for the placement of props, decorations, and the like and, if approved, the same must be removed within the approved reservation time.
(k)    Absolutely no structural alterations or additions are permitted to the room.
(l)    No assembly program or activity that disturbs the peace, incites to riot, or provokes dissension or public protest will be permitted.
(m)    Use of the room does not constitute City endorsement, agreement, or support of any group, program, or activity.
(n)    Application may not be approved for any use which is not under satisfactory sponsorship or adequate adult supervision.
(o)    Each applicant agrees to protect, hold harmless the City and its employees from all liability arising from the applicant's use of the facility.
(p)    The City Manager or designee shall have free access to the room at all times.
(q)    The City Manager or designee shall have the right to cancel any reservation at any time.
(r)    Gambling is prohibited.
(s)    No use of open flames will be permitted.
(t)    All motor vehicles will park in designated parking areas only.
(u)    You must be in and out of the room according to your scheduled reservation.
(v)    The fee for the reservation of the rooms shall be set by Council by ordinance. The service, civic, and/or non-profit organizations serving the Monroe area shall not be charged a reservation fee. A list of these approved service, civic, and/or non-profit organizations serving the Monroe area is available in the office of the City Manager. Placement on this list shall be approved by the City Manager. The reservation must be made in person at the City building and fee paid before the room is actually reserved.
(w)    The City does not waive any future claim of recovery for damage sustained while under the supervision of the applicant.
(x)    The City reserves the right to inspect the room immediately following the reservation. If the inspection of the room indicates that the facility was left in disrepair or if damage occurred during the reservation period, the City may charge the individual, groups, or organization a cleaning/damage fee. This fee shall not exceed the cost of the repairs/cleaning or the City’s insurance deductible, whichever is greater.
(y)    A cashier's check or cash may be required at the sole discretion of the City Manager.
(z)    The tables and chairs can be moved around but they cannot leave the building. The tables must be neatly organized.
(aa)    Before leaving, turn off all lights.
(bb)    Report any problems to the police department.
(cc)    Church groups may not use the room for regularly scheduled church services.
(dd)    Disruptive behavior interfering with the operations or uses of any of the buildings where the rooms are located will not be tolerated. Interference may result in immediate dismissal from the premises and/or denial of applicant's use of the room in the future.
(ee)    Restrooms are located in the hallway adjacent to the room. The rules and regulations established for the room apply to these restrooms where applicable.
(ff)    If you have any comments or concerns about the room, please let us know. Please enjoy your use of the room and keep it clean for all to use.
(gg)    Applications for use of the room shall be on a form as designated by the City Manager.