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Utility - Snowbird / Deployment Application (Suspend services)

  1. Please provide the date you would like your service suspended.
  2. Please provide your anticipated return date.
  3. I understand I must be gone for a minimum of three (3) months in order to temporarily cease billing. I understand I must contact the Utility Billing Office at least one (1) week in advance to have services suspended. If I opt to have the City of Monroe turn my water off/on at the main valve, I realize that I will be charged a trip charge of $35 each direction. In certain circumstances, the City of Monroe may not be able to turn water service off at the street valve. I understand it is my responsibility to turn water service off at the main valve inside the home in order to prevent water leaks and water damage. The City of Monroe shall not be responsible for compensatory damages due to water leakage in the home during my absence. I understand I am responsible for the monthly sewer flat charge and the trip charges and I will be billed for them upon my return.
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