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1. What is the current tax rate?
2. How do I submit my tax documents?
3. Are high-school / college students required to file a City tax return?
4. When are estimated payments required?
5. When are the quarterly estimates due?
6. Are retired persons required to file and pay City of Monroe taxes?
7. If I only lived in Monroe for part of the year, do I still need to file a return?
8. What is the due date of the year-end withholding reconciliation (W-3)?
9. What determines my withholding due date?
10. What are the due dates for withholding payments?
11. What are the business hours of the tax office?
12. Do I need an appointment to come in to see someone in the tax office?
13. I need to make a tax payment. Do I need to see someone in the tax office to do this?
14. I am married, do my spouse and I have to file a joint return with Monroe?
15. Do I need to file a City tax return?
16. How can I obtain a City of Monroe income tax return form?
17. What documents do I need to bring with me to file a tax return?
18. What is the Monroe Local School District number?
19. If I work in a City with a tax rate lower than Monroe's tax rate, do I get credit for the other City taxes paid?
20. My W-2 shows differing amounts in the Federal income box, local wage box, and Medicare wage box. Which amount should I use as my taxable wage for Monroe?
21. Does Monroe give credit for county or school taxes paid?
22. What is the filing due date for the City individual and business tax returns?
23. How do I request a refund for income taxes paid to the city of Monroe if I am not a resident?
24. What income is taxable and non-taxable?